Saturday, March 16, 2013

Jesse's 1st Belt Testing

 Well, Jesse decided to start Taekwando in January because he was doing no other activities during the winter, and thought it might be fun....Turns out, Jesse is enjoying it a lot and had his 1st belt testing last night.  He did great and also received an award for outstanding effort and attitude among his peers and instructors. He will keep on until he receives his yellow belt....and then we shall see if Jesse decides to pursue Taekwando further.

 One of the student instructors awarding Jesse with his orange belt.
Way to go Jesse!!!!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Happy Adoption Day!!

 I woke up this morning not able to believe that Claire has been our daughter for 6 years now.  Truly amazing how time does fly. I often forget that she is even adopted.  She really just wanted to spend the evening eating shrimp and sushi,  so we went to a local Chinese Restaurant, and she had her fill of both!  She wanted grits this morning (yes, a true Southern Girl) and of course every drink tastes better in a fancy glass!! I joined her for lunch, and she loved when all the teachers and students sang her "Happy Adoption Day To You" in class!  They all signed a card, which Claire now wants to frame!!

Adoption Day 2013!