Sunday, October 30, 2011

A little sewing, a little carving, and a little decorating....

 Had a little time to finish up some pants and a top for Claire.  She picked the color combo......I let her "help me" by pressing some buttons.....she tells everyone " I sewed this and mom helped!"
 Lance in the zone carving Claire's pumpkin
 Jesse wanted to do his own pumpkin this year...even drew the design and transferred it on the pumpkin before carving it.  Job well done I think for his 1st one!

The kids wanted a "spider web with spiders" this year on the front porch to greet our trick or treaters......Well, of course lots going in this week with Halloween, so I promise to post again real soon!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Festivities and Fun!

 Well, Halloween is upon us and let the parties begin!  The kids went to Cousin Ann's and Cousin Peyton's big Halloween bash and had a blast.  This year Claire is a mermaid, and Jesse a zombie.  Scary and sweet combo!

 One of the games during the party was to make a mummy out of your partner using toilet paper....there was a point in the game where I thought Claire wasn't getting any air!  But Jesse assured me she was speaking to him......well, they had a blast !
 A few little Fall outfits for Claire...she picked out the bright and funky fabric on her own...I guess her days of sweet gingams are almost over.......

Jesse in action during last week's game...they suffered their 1st loss of the season.....couple more to go!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Football and loving fall!

 Well, Jesse seems to be thoroughly enjoying football this fall, and so have we!  Jesse always has someone cheering him on, whether it's Grandma & Grandpa, or Nana & PawPaw.....usually it's all of us!  We certainly having been enjoying the cool, crisp fall mornings when he's playing!
 Lance & his dad, also known as PawPaw.
 Cheering on my boy!

 Jesse on his way to pulling a flag......
 So far, Jesse's team is undefeated for the season......they are learning a lot and still have several more games to go!
 Lily and Claire feeding the goats and just being silly on their very first field trip in kindergarten.  They went to a farm in Southaven, MS. and had a blast!

 Claire and I accompanied Lily & Barb to the St. Francis Fall Fest this year and let the girls do the games, rides, and even eat a gigantic funnel cake.....which they loved!  Who doesn't love fried dough topped with sugar!  We all had a great time! 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Annual Sea Isle Fest

 Well, my parents have been involved in the neighborhood festival every year, and this year was fantastic!  We couldn't have asked for better weather and company!  The kids loved the games, the police dog unit, the firetrucks, helicopters, and lots of other fun stuff!!  Here's Claire with cousin Annabelle before giving the Cake Walk a go.  Claire didn't win, but Jesse did!  We benefitted from his win because he chose a yummy cake!  Unfortunately, we don't have any Jesse pictures because he was busy volunteering at the fest for service hours......he turned out to be a very efficient trash boy!
 Claire listening to the band with Grandpa.
 Claire and mom toting all the goodies....

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Claire's First Field Trip

 Well, little Claire and her class had their first field trip yesterday to a farm in Mississippi.  It was a beautiful day, and the kids learned a lot, and had a blast!
 Claire hand feeding one of many rabbits....
 Claire and friends were a little taken aback by the very aggressive, but cute, goats!

 Claire and her turtle during the turtle races....glad I didn't put money on Claire's turtle!

 Claire riding "Sugar", who we heard all about last night at dinner.  She wished he went faster.....I told her you need lessons for that!
Well, lots coming up, so promise to post again soon!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Soccer Rolls to a Close.....

 Well, soccer season around here sure went fast!  Claire had 2 games a week, and loved every minute of it!  She was laughs and smiles no matter what!
Here's Claire with Coach Jim, whose been a family friend forever......he had as much fun as the kids....I think?!

Fall Sewing....

Well, though it's in the 80's still, I'm ready to start sewing for Claire.  She actually picked the material and the owl.  I thought she would look so cute in this with some brown tights and brown boots!  Well, lots going on in the Hollingsworth household, so promise to post again real soon!

Love, Gretchen