Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Claire's Basketball Debut......


Well, our little Claire made her basketball debut this past weekend.  A few months ago when they had signups Claire came home and said "I want to play basketball!"  We were you sure?  Well, needless to say, what she lacks in size she makes up for it in her attitude and willpower.  That girl tried her best out there, and by the 2nd game she had 3 steals and one basket. She really started to figure out the game. She just loves being out there with her friends and we just have a blast!!!  Also, her team has won 2 of their 2 games.....should be a blast of a season!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A much desrved mini- vacay!

 Well, Lance had a conference in Hollywood, Fla.  over the span of 4 days, so I decided to tag along for some much needed sunshine and time with my best friend Margaret.  We, we had a blast!  I love my kids, but I could've stayed a few more days!!  We were treated to some great food, and a visit to the shooting range, which was so fun!  What girl doesn't love letting off some steam with a Glock 45.

 Lance getting ready to shoot some stuff up!
 View from our balcony....86 and sunny most of the trip!

 Sticking our feet on the Atlantic Ocean sand....a little different than what we are used to...
This is where I spent my days....poor Lance was stuck in a basement with other financial minds.....he did come out every once and a while to catch a little vitamin D! Lots coming up with the kids, so promise to post again very soon!