Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Busy Busy Fall Break........

 Well she did it.....Claire has been asking and asking to have her hair cut for months and I've been putting if off for months. We finally bit the bullet and let her do it.....I'm secretly hoping she grows it out again....but she loves it, and that's all that matters I suppose!

 We took a road trip to Starkville, MS to Mississippi State University for a huge high school robotics competition with SBA.  They didn't win, but learned a lot and worked hard as a team!

 Jesse was on the marketing team and had to present to the judges and did a great job!

 Some major troubleshooting going on....

 Trying to figure out how to fix the robot in 2 minutes!
Posing in front of the exhibit....Fantastic exhibit!                
Claire stylin'...dressing herself these days!

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