Sunday, April 27, 2014

Claire received her First Holy Communion

 Well, I was overjoyed with happiness and emotion yesterday as our little sweet Claire took a step closer in her walk with God yesterday. Claire and many other little ones received their First Holy Communion at St. Francis Church!  Claire was fine until I dropped her off in the room for pictures and went to sit in the sanctuary...she said...well I'm nervous now!  I think most of that had to do with the fact that she was the first to walk in and the first communicant of her class!  Well, she did a flawless job and we couldn't have been prouder. I managed to hold it together myself until she walked up to Father Marshall....then I was mush.....

 Our 13 year old growing up before our eyes....

 Claire's prayer partner, Jo, came to her First Communion and Claire was thrilled she was able to attend! Claire was also surrounded by all her grandparents and Aunt Jenny came as well!! Such a special time!!
 Family pic while looking directly into the sun!

And yes, I was able to put a few curls in Claire's hair....she was tickled to have wavy/curly hair for a change!!!

Well, we are blessed beyond measure and and so excited for Claire's journey.  We have lots going on in the next few weeks, so I promise to post again real soon!!!!

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