Monday, May 05, 2014

Claire Turns 8!

 Ms.Claire celebrated her 8th Birthday this weekend!  I am so sad my little baby is growing up!  She is just not a little girl any more...... She has wanted a slumber party for 2 years, so we finally gave in this year and only had 4 girls over for a Birthday Slumber Party.  They had an absolute blast.  The weather was perfect, and the girls were all perfectly behaved.
 Claire and Ellie enjoying cookie cake.
 The girls doing a fabric frame craft....they each got a pic of all the girls together to put in the frame.

 The birthday girl before school with her birthday breakfast.

 We had the family over on Claire's Birthday Friday after sushi for birthday cookies, per Claire's request!
 Claire and party friends making calzones at the slumber party....

 Birthday girl making a wish!
 Claire's buddy dropping by with a birthday hug and gift.

 Claire opening birthday gifts to a very excited group of friends!

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