Friday, June 28, 2013

So it finally happened.......

 Well, it finally happened.  I don't know how, but boom I woke up and now I'm 40.  WOW.  Well, I've decided to just make the most of it and enjoy the blessings I've been given.  Many of which are in the pictures I've posted today.  I was surrounded by my sweet husband and kids, mom and dad, brother, sweet mother and father in law, and my sister in law and niece. I even received a giant bouquet of flowers from my grandmother!  It was a lovely day.  The kids made me breakfast AND lunch.  Mind you they are 12 and 7, but for breakfast (2 hours later) Jesse and Claire had made delicious crepes with fresh strawberries.  They worked really hard on them and I was proud of their effort.  They "pampered" me all day with whatever I needed and foot massages galore!  Jesse even offered me a pedicure but I kindly turned that one down..... We all had dinner out and then went to mom and dad's for presents and cake!  A perfect day.

Since Lance and I both turned the big one this year, instead of presents we are doing a trip together in July to St. Martin's.  Can't wait!!!

 Father and son staying out of trouble I think!

 Jenny with her dad and brother
 I absolutely love this picture of the girls bringing me my cake....delicious!
Let's hope 40 is as fabulous as my 30's!!!

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