Sunday, July 07, 2013

July in the yard.....

 Well, for all of you out there who know me at all, I love doing in my yard...planting, watching for wildlife, feeding my hummingbirds, etc....thought I'd show that while my yard is a work in progress, I'm loving all my blooms right now!
My lilies, lantana, and petunias are just the colors I was hoping for this year!
 Funniest thing we have skinks everywhere!  Blue tails, other kinds (no idea of their name), but we love them.  Apparently they eat mosquitoes, so we love that....however, Claire is covered with them right now, so they need to eat more!!

 This year, Lance, Claire, and I planted a butterfly far this is what's blooming!
 Sweet potato vines, impatiens, and petunias abound on the back yard deck....

This skink was caught in between the bricks near my vinca...I think we have about 4 just living in the vinca!
This afternoon Jesse and Claire spotted 3 baby blue tails skattered around the garage....this one is tiny!  Can't wait to see how big they will have grown by next summer!

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