Monday, April 01, 2013

He Has Risen!

 What a truly wonderful time of year Easter is.  Spring has arrived, Jesus has risen, Jesse & Claire both have upcoming birthdays, and the school year is coming to a close!!!  We had a great Easter trip once again to Jackson, MS to visit Lance's very large family.  We were busy with 2 family reunions, and The Hollingsworth Annual Golf Tournament!  The kids were exhausted after it was all done, but loved every minute of it!!

 A very sleepy Jesse on Easter morning!

 Of course Jesse is getting a tad old for the Easter Egg hunts, but Claire loves every second of it! 

 The girl at the end of a long reunion still had a ton of energy!
 Jesse sorting his goodies!
 All Aboard!  Cousins Keri and George with Jesse and Claire
 The kids all dying Easter Eggs at Cousin Keri, Patrick, and Dylan's house

 Easter Morning Goodies!
 Claire ready for another hunt, this time at The Hare Family Reunion

 Keri and Jesse ready to hunt for "the money egg"!  They were motivated because there was $34.00 in that egg!
 Claire with yet more cousins!

 The kids especially loved taking a swing at the Easter Pinata, Claire got the first swing and Jesse was able to crack it open after the little ones took their turns.
 Lance and Mr. Hollingsworth after the Golf Tourney.  Tired and hungry!

Sweet cousin Gracie after hunting lots of eggs!!!

We are so truly blessed to have such a large family to make such great memories for us and our children...we hope everyone's Easter was just as memorable!

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