Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bring On Spring!!!

 One of my most favorite times of year is Spring!  No humidity, lots of fun things to do outside, and school is almost out!!
 We noticed Thursday that our front door wreath is now home to some adorable little finches ( I believe that's what they are)  I hope they stay around for a while.  We check the nest every morning hoping to find some little eggs!
 Claire picked out the fabric for a little outfit she wants to wear on her Birthday!  So fun!
 Claire had the opportunity to take a horseback riding lesson out in Eads, TN and it was the most beautiful place!  Claire was given this adorable little pony, Lego, to ride!  I think they made a perfect match!  Gretchen got to ride and take care of Callie!

 Claire leading her horse to the riding area.
 Gretchen riding around while Claire took her lesson.

 By mid lesson, Claire had the hang of it and was turning and stopping Lego with no problems.
Claire leading Lego back into the stable to clean him off and brush him down.  Claire loved every minute of her lesson!

We have a ton going on over the next few weeks, so I promise to post again real soon!

Love, Gretchen

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