Saturday, October 20, 2012

Rev Up Your Engines.....

 Rev up your engines....Lance is almost 40!! Lance received his 40th Bday gift today....a 15 lap shootout in a NASCAR at the Millington Motorsports Park.  Because this opportunity doesn't come to town often, he got his birthday gift just a few weeks before the actual day....which he is NOT looking forward to by the way. We did not tell him about this until today, and he was very nervous about where we were taking him! Turns out he was very pleasantly surprised.  On lap 13, his car just stopped after his car made it back around via a little push, he got to ride along with a professional for a bunch of laps and he enjoyed that as well!  And he got a really cool plaque to commemorate the whole thing.  I've got some good video, so I'll try to put that on here a little later.

 Lance before crawling into his little car window.....
 Off he goes!

 Coming to the stop area after his little malfunction.
After the ride and malfunction......

Well, I promise to post again soon!

Love, Gretch

Happy Birthday Lance!!

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