Friday, August 26, 2011

Backyard Mayhem

 Well, anyone who has ever been to our home knows we have had our share of issues with the backyard....tress, trees, trees!  As much as we loved our trees, they have caused 10 years of strife in our lives....We have laid sod 3 times.....counte em...3. We have dealt with huge limbs falling through our roof, and much more....   After much contemplation, we decided to get rid of 10 of our 16 trees....with the advice of a couple of pros along the way.  So, we are in the beginning phases of our backyard redo!  So, I thought I'd document this journey!  So yesterday the trees were removed with no problems!  They kids got home from school and just watched until dinnertime, as the men did their thing.

This morning, all the stumps were ground, and today, all the debris will be remove, fence put back up, and then it will be time to get some grass!! I'll do my best documenting all this as it occurs......for me as much as anyone else!  Enjoy the crazy journey........

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