Sunday, July 02, 2017

Here Comes Day 5!!

Well, for part of Day 5 we divided and conquered...boys and girls...the boys trekked to the Shelby Car Museum, and we went to Mandalay Bay in their Shark Reef, and it did not disappoint! Claire has had this on her radar for a long time...we bought tickets months ago, and just had a blast.  We stayed in there for hours.  Claire was telling complete strangers about the sharks..thanks 5th grade science class!

She loved the rays as much as the sharks I think!

 Claire the giant....

I'm sorry....I just came across this shirt and it just made me smile....I totally want to copy it when I have time....So darned funny!!!

Our mode or transportation for some of the trip...Mass Transit!

Enjoying a costly but yummy Luxor buffet!!!
So we ended the day with a family friendly Comedy/Magic Show by Nathan Burton.  The kids had seen him on TV before and loved him, so when we found out he was in Vegas, we jumped at the chance! He also came into the crowd and picked Claire for a trick!  I was scared she was going to refuse but she did it!We weren't allowed to video, but she had a little toy bunny in her hand and he kept making more and more the time the trick was over there 10 bunnies! She had no idea how that happened, but the trick was adorable!

Claire and Nathan Burton after the show!  A great time was had by all!

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