Sunday, July 02, 2017

Day 6.....Last day of the Grand Canyon!

Well day two started with a great breakfast at the wonderful Maswik Lodge and then we set out to hit all the lookout points we could.....and boy they did not disappoint!

This one they loved because the lookout had a little trail they could go on for a while and get some great pics on the way....

Every site was just jaw dropping....we just couldn't get enough! We saw Elk, California Condors, and mules.  God's Creation was magnificent......

Well, after Grand Canyon we traveled back to Vegas and left the next morning on an early flight back to Memphis...we had a magnificent trip and are so glad we mixed things up this year.  So grateful to Lance for providing for us so that we could make the trip!  Great memories for a lifetime!  We miss you Grand Canyon!

Copy and paste for more Jesse Grand Canyon videos...once again...all Jesse (music not my fave....)

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