Sunday, July 02, 2017

Top Golf and Tournament of Kings! Day 4!

Well, for months Lance and Jesse have been planning this trip to Top Golf Las Vegas since we don't have one in Memphis. Jesse was as amped up as I have ever seen him!  We went at 10 am so we didn't melt and Claire, Lance, and Jesse had themselves a blast! I observed, clapped,  drank water constantly, and took pics!

The 3 after they were done...really wishing we had one in Memphis!

After golf, we took the kids to the Venetian to see the canals and shops....and to get a little reprieve from the 115 day....

That evening the kids had their first Tournament of Kings experience....Lance & I have done it before, but the kids just enjoyed it to pieces....Jesse didn't know what he liked more...eating with his hands or the jousting!

Caesar's Palace, which did not disappoint

Winding up a really wonderful and long day.....

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