Sunday, July 02, 2017

Day 5....Grand Canyon Here We Come!!!!

Well we rented a little Mustang convertible and drove the 4 1/2 hours to the Grand Canyon!  Because it was 115 degrees, we decided NOT to drop the top until we got the the much higher and much cooler Grand Canyon.  The drive was really neat because the landscape changed soooo much in the 4 hours.  It started as desert and ended as lush as a National Forest can be! It was 85 degrees by the time we got to the National Park.....

We were crammed in the backseat with luggage and Claire was a champ and fell asleep just like this!

Not sure how I ended up in the back, but Jesse has the longer legs so I think he won!  He loved every minute of it!

And once the top came did Claire!

Our first glimpse...and what a great one it was!

We couldn't get enough of all the different vistas at all the different lookout points....

The kids really loved it when they started getting a glimpse of the Colorado River!

16 years since our last visit to the Grand Canyon!

Loving our Adventure to the West!!!
Copy and paste the link below to see a little link fo our drive to the canyon...all Jesse of course...

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