Sunday, July 02, 2017

Day 2

Day 2 was one of the only days we have no tours or events really planned, so we just walked and explored a lot.  To see the New York New York Hotel is  amazing in a miniature Manhattan right there!

Claire and I visited the Mirage Secret Garden and saw all the rare tigers....they were really hot apparently but they were beautiful to see nonetheless!

One thing we all really enjoyed (maybe because it was cool) was the Bellagio Conservatory and Gardens.  I mean it was amazing the detail and the kids just walked around gawking at the flowers and all the different scents.  I was in heaven! 

 These parasols were made of all little petals....

 Claire had to have a pic with these huge lemons....truly lifelike!
On Monday night we had tickets to the Eiffel Tower experience and we all went to the top.  This Eiffel Tower is only half the height of the real one in Paris, but tall still.  We really enjoyed those views...and Lance witnessed a proposal! We were one the other side oblivious to what was going on!
One of my favorite shots of the trip......Day 3 Coming Soon!

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