Sunday, July 02, 2017

The Big Hollingsworth Adventure Begins!!!

 Well, for the first time ever, we did NOT go to the beach this year and decided to do something totally different since in just 2 short years Jesse will be off to college and we have no idea what summers will look we decided to scratch the Grand Canyon off our list! But we decided if we went that far, we might as well do the Hoover Dam and Vegas.  And boy did we do all those things and more...It was amazing and I'm going to break these blog posts into days.  So today begins Day 1....We hit the ground running after our flight and had the best time....However, we were in Vegas during the hottest heat wave in decades, so needless to say it was warm.....113-121 to be exact.  But we drank a ton of water and trekked on!
 The kids rearing to go after the flight!
 Our first time on the strip after dropping off our luggage in the room...the kids loved how different the buildings each looked.
 We immediately walked down to Bellagio and let them watch the fountains to music....
Our hotel in the background

My favorite one...Paris...more pics from the top of the Eiffel Tower to come! The kids were tired after the traveling and walking on day one, but the got used to it in a hurry! Day 2 coming soon!

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