Thursday, February 15, 2007

We Finally Have an Itenerary!!!

Hi everyone! We now have a rough itenerary of what we're doing & when on our trip!
Here it goes:

3/1 Leave Memphis to Chicago. Chicago to Bejing.
3/2 Arrive in Bejing 4pm (China time) Holiday Inn Central Hotel Bai Zhi Fang area in the Xuan Wu District
3/3 Hutong Tour & Tea Time Bejing craft shop. Acrobatics show in evening.
3/4 Great Wall of China & lunch outside.Leave for Changsha (where Claire is!!) & stay at the Dolton Hotel
3/5 Get Claire!!!! (at civil affairs office)
3/6 Go for adoption formalities
3/7 Hunan Provincial Museum & Embroidery Institute
3/8 Yuelu Mountain & Yuelu Academy. Pick up Notary books
3/9 Pick up Claire's passport & fly to Guangzhou. Stay at the White Swan Hotel
3/10 Claire's Mdical Exam. Go to Baiyan Temple & Jade Factory Shop
3/11 Go to Church & go to Pottery Building & Guangzhou Zoo
3/12 Consulate Appointment
3/13 Get Claire's Visa
3/14 Fly back to Bejing & then directly to Chicago. Arrive in Memphis 10pm!!!!


Patti and Robert said...

Hi. You are in my Sept Yahoo group. We are picking up our daughters on the same day in Changsha. I will be sure to look for you and say hi....Less than 2 weeks - :) !!!

John Paul, Andrea ,Ben and Alyana said...

Good Luck on your trip !
We just got back and it was an awesome trip. Our daughter is doing very well.
Take Care,

Anonymous said...

She looks prettier in every picture. Is she laughing and smiling for you? Can't wait til you get back. Love Aunt Hilda