Thursday, March 01, 2007

Off to get Claire.....very slowly!

We left this morning out of Memphis at 6am & arrived in Chicago at 7:15am.....We are stuck in Chicago due to the weather....We should leave around 4:25pm. The flight is about 13 1/2 hours long, so please keep us in your prayers!!! We should be arriving in Bejing Friday evening around 7 or 8pm.
Hopefully the next time I write will be in Beijing!

Thanks to all our friends & family for the calls, visits, & prayers for us over the last several days!!
Love, Gretchen


Aunt Hilda said...

Hope you tried to sleep in Chicago, my hub leader was supposed to fly out of Memphis around 1 today, but the airport lost all power!! So in a way you were lucky to get to Chicago, don't forget for both of you to get up and walk on the plane to prevent blod clots, Oh right, your a nurse! Love Aunt Hilda

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope you two are doing well! I left a message on your machine, meant to call you th e night before but time got away from me. Good Luck and you all are in my prayers!
Ann O.