Monday, March 12, 2007

Free Day!!

Today was a day entirely dedicated to shopping! We were just getting warmed up in the picture below. We had the negotiating down to an artform. Lance felt wierd about the whole thing & when the deal was done, he'd just hand the money over. It has never really warmed up here, so we are still waiting for this 80 degree temp we've been told we'd have! Tomorrow is a busy & important day, as we go the the US Consulate. I'm told we're not able to take pics at the consulate tomorrow, but we'll see!
This is a school we passed while shopping & they all practiced their English on Lance. They were so cute!
This is also on our way to so more shopping. Military in training......
This is typical of menus here. You get the animal much like this....I have been a vegetarian on this trip!
Claire playing with her sunglasses. The bow ususally is on for a minute or two a day....trying to get her used to bows & hats!

Jesse, we hope you have a great Spring Break & fun at Grandma & Grandpa's! Everyone has been telling us what a great , sweet, & well behaved boy you've been! We love you very much & will see you in just a few days!!!

PS...We think Claire said MaMa on purpose today, but we'll see if she does it again! Well, off to dinner & I'll post soon when I get more pictures!


John said...

Lance & Gretchen, thank you for keeping us updated on your trip. You all have the most beautiful daughter, and I feel like we already know her because of the great job you have done on your blog. We are so excited for you and we are so glad that Claire is coming home to see us all soon!

John & Britton

Anonymous said...

Gretchen, we can't wait to see all of you on Saturday! I am so happy that Claire continues to be a dream baby. Of course, she would be! :) And now you get a chance to see that going meatless isn't so bad! :) Love, Carrie

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how much she has changed since the first picture, her little personality is really showing in her smile. You can tell how comfortable and happy she is with you two. I can't wait to see her in person. Good luck at the Consulate tomorrow.
Aunt Cathie