Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Another wonderful day!

Today was another great day. Claire was perfect & we're just waiting for the storm.....She just has such a grace about her. Today we went to an embroidery factory. Changsha is known for their embroidery & we saw the ladies at work & bought some handmade embroidery items for Claire. Tomorrow we take 1 1/2 hour trip (each way) to the orphanange where Claire was brought. I hope to plost tomorrow. If not, it will be soon as I can! Love, Gretchen


kirsten said...

could she be any cuter?!!!
She is so adorable...and you can just see the look in her eyes that says; I'm the luckiest girl in the world. my new mom and dad loves me sooooooo much.
We've been following the blog every day. have fun you guys
love Kirsten

Anonymous said...

Gretchen, Thank you so much for keeping us informed of all that you are doing. I LOVE being able to see new pictures of Claire each day! Mary Sofia needs to come home so we can have our multi-cultural play date! :)
Love you, Carrie

Tracey said...

Lance and Gretch... She is soo beautiful. My heart is just soo happy for yall!! I know it has seemed like a struggle to get her in yalls arms... but, just think, the journey has just begun. Keri is just beside herself talking about "baby Claire" and Patrick says he has dibs at the wedding on holding her!! (haha) Dylan sends his love along with Brad and I and we cant wait to get our kisses!! Sit back and enjoy the ride. You would have never guessed just how much a second child can change a family. Life will just be soo much sweeter now. I am very proud of you guys and I love yall very much. See ya soon!!
"Claire's Aunt Tracey"

Anonymous said...

she is soo cute!!