Thursday, March 08, 2007

More Changsha Delicacies.....

Unappetizing to us I know, but these are some if the things they love to eat here! The fresher the better they say.


Anonymous said...

Lance and Gretchen -

Congratulations! We are so excited for you and we cannot wait to meet little Claire. the pictures of when you first held her and the pictures of the orphanage and her nanny were unbelievable . . . I was not able to stop crying! Elizabeth was "helping" me read my email and she kept saying "that baby is cute, momma!" I am sure she will love to get her hands on claire! We will continue to pray for your adjustment and your safety. much love, the laughlins

Lance - we cannot wait to hear about all you have eaten over there . . . the pictures posted today made me think we may see a smaller lance when you return!

Amy said...

Hey Hollingsworths! So, I have to know-did you try ANY of the delicious delicacies they have to offer there? Just curious.
By the way, Alice and Peyton spent a day with Aunt Hilda because they are on Spring Break. Alice thought for sure that Baby Claire was going to be at Aunt Hilda's house. She was disappointed when we told her that she wasn't. They both can't wait to see her-I hope Claire is ready for our crazy family!