Monday, March 05, 2007

More Claire Pictures!

Hi everyone! Claire is down for her morning nap so I thought I'd download 2 pictures from this morning's bath. She loved her bath! She ate everything we gave her this morning including congee, steamed egss, purreed broccoli & carrots, & mashed banana! When we got back to the room, I just laid her down & she went to sleep! So far she has given us not even a whimper. I'm sure this is the calm before the storm!
I will post more tonight of our day today. After lunch, I believe we are going to tour Hunan & shop. Claire is badly in need of smaller clothes.

I can't believe she needs clothes! Her closet is full of 12 month clothes! Oh well!Have a great day everyone & I will post again later!
Love, Gretchen


Anonymous said...

Hi Hollingsworth Family!
Lily Grace and I are enjoying your blog and we are so excited to finally meet Claire. She is a cutie! We look forward to meeting her!
You are in our thoughts and prayers. Enjoy your time in China. It goes by so fast.

Much love,
Barb and Lily Grace

Claire's favorite cousin, Ann said...

Oh, wow!!! What a little beauty!!! Peyton and Alice are here looking at the pictures with me, and we are so excited to meet our new baby cousin Claire!! We love you and will be checking your site avidly over the next week or so!!!

Anonymous said...

Lance, get ready.....a gal can always use more clothes! Right Gretchen? See you soon, Linda Carlile

Awesome Amy said...

Oh, she's so cute and so little! Asa might be bigger than her already (just kidding)! I can't wait 'til ya'll come home. Have a great time and we miss you.