Sunday, March 25, 2007

Our first full week at home!

Well, life is starting to have some kind of order around here now. Monday Jesse went back to school after spring break , & all his friends & teachers just loved Jesse's "I'm the big brother" shirt! We took Claire to lunch on Monday with Jesse & everyone was smitten!
We are getting Claire on a schedule revolved around Jesse's school hours, ect. She is so resilient!

Claire went to the doctor Friday & was re-immunized & had blood drawn. She was a champ..She is definitely 10 months old stated the doctor due to her social & mental abilities. She, however, is behind physically & will catch up in no time. We are blessed to be a family of four & continue to thank everyone for all the visits, calls, meals, & posts! We love you all!
Claire enjoying some play time!
Claire about to go to her first doctor appointment. She did not look this cute when it was over, though!!
Go Tigers! Unfortunately, this outfit was not good luck on Saturday.......

I hope to post soon, but bear with me, as Jenny (Lance's sister) gets married Saturday This week will be crazy! I'll do my best though!



Anonymous said...

Hi Family of Four :). Does the bow stay in her hair better than the band or hat? That's girly and cute too. ALL of you seem to be adjusting - just as it should be. Thanks for bringing Claire to the office. lc

Aunr Sandy said...

Hey family of four. We just got home from the wedding and Gretchen it was beautiful all of you did a great job, and I just love my braclet I will cherish it for forever. Jesse I am so proud of what a great BIG brother you are and how great you did in the wedding you were so handsom.well I love you guys.Tell Claire aunt Sandy loves her so much she is more special than I could imagine.