Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Back to normal....

Well, the wedding has passed, & all is back to relatively normal here in the Hollingsworth household. Jesse & Claire love each other to pieces! Claire is eating like a horse & doing new things every day. She enjoyed seeing all her new family members at the wedding! Claire with her cousins Dylan & Patrick at the rehearsal!
Jesse receiving his engraved harmonica from Ryan for being the ringbearer.
Claire being her normal, happy self!
Jesse with Claire Big Hair after school!

Well, I'll post soon...hopefully with sme great Easter pictures!


minnat3 said...

Gretchen we are so, so happy that you take time to keep us up to speed. Great pix and we enjoy every one. Lance does not seem too stressed at work (unless the computer misbehaves), just happy to head home, so I guess you are pulling things together. Lovely Chinese rehearsal clothes.

thanks - Minna

Anonymous said...

Hi Hollingworths. Thanks for the new pictures. I love the one with Claire in the white dress and her little toes touching. Such a happy baby. Her middle name of Song is just right. Hey Jesse, isn't happy birthday in order today? I didn't know you were interested in the harmonica. Good for you. Linda

Carrie said...

Love the new pictures! We can't wait to celebrate Claire's birthday coming up! Jesse, have fun cosmic bowling this weekend! :) Carrie