Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Trip To Claire's Hometown

Today we took a 2 hour van ride (each way) to Claire's hometown of YiYang City. She did excelllent the entire trip though it was long for the babies. We were very hesitant about taking this trip for many reasons, but are now glad we did. We were able to see Claire's orphanage, meet her nanny, see her abandonment spot, & see her city. We will show Claire these photos when she is older & able to understand.

We are very proud to have been chosen as Claire's parents so we can give her the great life & opportunities she deserves. Here are just a few of the many photos we took today...... This is one of the streets in her hometown.
This is Claire's crib. Notice the close proximity of all the other cribs. She did look to have a super warm quilt though!!

This is the nanny that took care of Claire since 3 days old. She was very happy to see her & kept saying "lucky baby." She also would touch my hair & laugh!!??? This is a picture of the orphanage from the outside.

Claire sleeping on the van ride back to Changsha. Tomorrow we go on more sightseeing & I'll post more then.

Thanks to everyone for all the encourageing e-mails & posts! They've really kept us going!
Love, Gretchen

PS...Jesse....1 more week til we get to kiss your cute face & you can meet your sister!!!


Beverly said...

Congrats! You and she will treasure the pictures of her finding place forever. Something I wish I had for Glenys but was too far to go for us.

Beverly & Glenys

minnat3 said...

What interesting pics, Gretchen & Lance. We never had much info about Andrew, except that he was abandoned at a Seoul train station, which was a typical place where babies were left back in the 1980's because the parent knew someone would find him or her. It brings to mind Moses' mom hiding in the bullrushes to see who might find baby Moses. I'm so glad you are able to preserve this info for Claire. Plus, Jesse gets to see it - cool!

fondly - Minna (one of Lance's co-workers)(doesn't that have a nice socialist sound!)

Awesome Amy said...

Don't you just love technology? I am totally addicted to your blog-I check it everyday hoping to see new pictures of Claire's sweet face! I hope ya'll are having a good time-we miss you very much.
Lots of love,
Amy and Asa

John Paul, Andrea ,Ben and Alyana said...

Congratulations on your adoption. WE just came home a little more than 8 weeks ago with our Hunan sweetie !
I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip !

Candace said...

AWW!! look at that sweet baby!! I am SO happy for yall and i am LOVING all the pictures of yalls trip! Claire is TOO cute!! I cant wait to see yall at the wedding and please be careful coming back home! Love Yall!


Anonymous said...

Gretchen & Lance...What an amazing journey so far, Claire is absolutly adorable I can't wait to see her in person. You are truly blessed and what a lucky little girl she is. It has been so much fun reading your blog, I didn't realize I could comment until today. Anyway, have a wonderful trip and keep us posted. Be safe.
Love Aunt Cathie