Saturday, March 10, 2007

We're Safe & Sound in Guangzhou!

Well, Claire made it through her 1st plain ride without a fuss. We were stuck in the airport for about 6 1/2 hours & not a peep. We got to the White Swan at 1:30am & were up at 6:30 am. The White Swan is of course gorgeous & all the shops around here are great. This city reminds me a lot of Savannah, GA. with spanish moss trees & all the french influenced architecture. We had a busy day today, starting off with Claire's medical exam. She passed with flying colors, but the doctor kept saying "small baby" & that she was very small for her age. We'll see what our pediatrician says about this when we get back to Memphis.

We went to a tebetian temple & a jade factory today after the exams & then to a tea house that all the moms tried all these different kind of teas. Someone is getting a really cool gift from there!! Tomorrow we go to a Christian Church (translated in English I believe) & then I have no idea what. I'm beginning to lose track of days. We found a restaurant called Lucy's that Lance loves because they have great hamburgers & rice, ect.....

The pediatrician in our group gave Claire an exam tonight & said all is well, but it appears that Claire spent a lot of time on her back. We are changing that of course! She found her mongolian spot on her lowere back ( normal for asian babies), found her birthnark, & said that everything else is fine. She said to see what Claire is doing in 6 weeks & then take her to our pediatrician to ee if he should change her birthdate.

Claire's 1st plane ride! Jesse, Claire saved you her chinese snack!
In front of a Tibetan Temple. Very neat & full of incense & people offering fruits to the budda.
This is Claire being held by Whitney, 10,who is here with her dad to get her sister (5 year old Lainey from Bejing)
These were some of the Budda's. They were enormous, as you can see by the size of the monks below!
I will post more tomorrow. Amy, sorry, but I haven't found any tofu yet......
Jesse, have a great weekend & have fun at t-ball practice. We love you very much & Claire sends lots of slobbery kisses! To Jenny, just 3 weeks! Wooo hoooo!!!

To everyone else, thanks for all the great e-mails & posts! We love you & miss you all!


Anonymous said...

Loving following the blog. We are thinking about you guys daily. Melana is dilated to 3cm. We are excited. I bet the Grandmother can't take much more.

Tina Reeves said...

Gretchen & Lance: Thanks for sharing this experience with us. I can't wait to met Claire in person. She is so precious.

Love y'all
Tina (cousin)