Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Home Here We Come!!!

Today was our last day in China & a very memorable one. We had our swearing in at the US Consulate & were forbidden to take pictures. It was great & Claire got her visa & Chinese passport. We will miss China terribly but are so ready to return home to Jesse, our family, & a host of wonderful friends! We are also ready to return home to Memphis water, ice, soft beds, & Diet Dr.Pepper! We are currently packing & about to shut down the computer, so I just wanted to say one more time thanks to everyone for all the posts, e-mails, & prayers for us on this journey. Pleas keep us in your prayers as we travel for over 24 hours over the next day. We are due in Memphis Wednesday night 9:52 pm.
This is a girl I met whose baby is youner than Claire (by 2 weeks) & From the same province (Hunan) & her baby weighs 26 pounds! (Claire is 14 lbs) I call her Budda but her name is Elizabeth. They are from Seattle!
We have 2 women on guard on our floor 24/7. They are at your beck & call. They rush to the elevator when you get on & off & will do anything for you. THis is one of the ladies who was there much of the time & fell in love with Claire!
Mad Scientist hair after her last bath in China! Maybe she will have big hair like her mom after all.......
This is all we could get a picture of from the US Consulate. Claire's steps to becomeing a US Citizen!

Thanks to everyone & I will post when we get home & then try to post at least once weekly, so please keep checking the blog when you get a chance! Can't wait for you all to meet Claire!!

PS....Jesse, we will see you very soon! Claire has been saving lots of kisses for you! We can't wait to give you lots of hugs & kisses!
Mom & Dad


Anonymous said...

I noticed that the time you posted last was 5:44 AM AM AM. Oh me! God speed and travel mercies as you come home. I know Jesse and your family are anxiously awaiting your return....but probably not as anxious as you are TO return and share Claire with everyone. See you soon. lc

Beverly said...

Welcome Home or at least soon to be home. Can't wait to meet Claire.

Beverly & Glenys

Anonymous said...

Hey there! It's 9:09 PM Wed. Memphis time. You are almost home and I wanted you to know that I was thinking about you. Lance, see you Monday...Gretchen, Jesse and Claire...see you soon. lc