Thursday, May 17, 2007

Oh Happy Day.....

Well, Lance's computer crashed last week & we lost most of our pictures......China included. However, thanks to Lance's computer prowess, we have everything now except for a large portion of 2006. But, between grandparents & family members, I think we'll be OK. I'm back to posting now & should have lots of posts coming up!!

We are doing great with TBall in full swing & Jesse graduating from kindergarten next week! Claire is doing great & doing something new each day! She eats like a horse! She loves her new riding toy but doesn't know how to make it move quite yet!
Claire, we have found, absolutely loves her new baby pool from Nana & PawPaw & splashes like crazy. She loves this plastic bottle & keeps pouring it on the grass over & over again.....Something tells me she's going to love the beach in just 3 weeks!!
Happy with big brother Jesse. Jesse wished there was more water in the pool, but had fun nonetheless....
Jesse & Coach Lance at last week's game. Just waiting for the umpire to say "Play Ball"!
Another wonderful moment. Claire doesn't look so happy, but that's only because she wasn't splashing!
I promise to post in just a few days!
Love, Gretchen

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