Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Update on Claire

Hi everyone. He have heard from the CCAA (the Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs) this week. Of course they are still sending out referrals at a slow pace, but they just moved to a new office in Bejing, so we hope next month things speed up. IF things stay at this rate, we wll get a referral (Claire's picture) around November & travel about 4-5 weeks after that. IF things speed up as hoped, it will be sooner!!! Pray for sooner!

Until then, we are keeping busy with Jesse beginning Kindergarten & soccer season starting up as well! I am going to try to be very involved with Jesse's school as that will help pass some time. Well, I'll post pictures next week on Jesse's 1st day of kindergarten so stay tuned!

Keep Claire in your thoughts & prayers!


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