Thursday, January 04, 2007

Claire Song Hollingsworth

Thanks to everyone for the calls & e-mails upon the referral of Claire. We were able to have her referral completely translated last night & found out more about Claire. The orphanage named her Song which means endurance, solid, integrity. Yi Ru is the name given to many of the children in the orphanage. Thus, she will be Claire Song Hollingsworth!

We now know the following things:
active personality
listens to music from a soft musical baby doll?
all her eating & nap schedules ( i'm sure that will change)
her milestones at each month
she loves cookies, crackers

We also have found that she is in a Half The Sky orphanage, which apparently a very good thing. She has play time & stimulation from her caregivers daily. We are very excited about this. We have sent off for our visas today & will keep you all posted as new info becomes available!


Anonymous said...

Hi Hollingsworths,

We're the Gibson's from Texas. We adopted our daughter from Yiyang CWI in October of 2003. I've been watching the (few) current adoptions since Half the Sky donated the baby room and trained the nannies there. The babies seem so much stronger. When we got Kati she had strong legs from manuevering the walker, but absolutely NO upper body strength. Claire Song is just beautiful! Our congratulations! ...and our prayers are with you as you prepare to travel.

Beverly said...

Congrats! She is beautiful. I love her name. Glenys is from a SWI sponsored by Half the Sky. You could tell the difference between the fostered children and non fostered that is for sure. Of course there still could be some delay as even the best foster care is still less than ideal care. Your family is ideal for Claire Song!!

Can't wait to meet her at an FCC event!!

With love and hope for speedy TA
Beverly and Glenys

Monica said...

Hi Gretchen! Claire is just precious! I hope you travel soon to bring her home. Your blog is great! Love, Monica (COTW #34)