Friday, May 15, 2009

Busy Week!!

Well, anyone who know us knows we love nature and all the creatures that come with it .....well, maybe not Lance. Well, we've had a skink that lives in our garage for about 3 years now. He comes out whenever it's warm and sunny, and Claire wanted me to take a picture of here it is. I suppose we should give it a name??
Jesse was John Sevier, Tennessee's 1st Governor, in his 2nd Grade Tennessee History Pageant today at school! He looked great in his Revolutionary War- Era costume. He did a great job and spoke so loudly and clearly for everyone to hear!.Way to go Jesse. Great job!!!

Here's the kids the end of the performance, an Elvis impersonator made an appearance and sang 2 songs. The kids had a blast.....and the parents did too!!!!
Will post again soon.


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Barb said...

YOU look great Jesse! The Skink- not so much.