Friday, June 26, 2009

More Vacation Photos.....

Obligatory family picture on the last day of vacation. The kids were so sick of pictures after the day was over!!
I love thisone!! Jesse catching a football in mid-air thrown by Lance!

Lance and Jesse went to a par 3 while in Orange Beach and had a really great time! Jesse got to drive the cart and loved that of course.....

Claire wanted that bulky lifevest on for the picture, but never wore it in the water! She didn't want anything on in the water so she could "kick the waves!"

On the way to Orange Beach, we stopped in Montgomery to see our friends the Hixons, who traveled to China with us! Claire and Mary Grace were in the same orphanage for 10 months! We see them yearly and the girls had a blast together. Thanks for the hospitality Hixon family!!!

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