Monday, November 02, 2009

Fall Sewing......

Well, I had a bit of the sewing bug again, so here are a few of the items I've sewn for Claire lately. Hard to believe it's almost time for Holiday Parties and events!! Bring it on!
This I just made with extra fabric from another project and extra ribbon.

A mutual friend of mine does these as a business, so I ordered one and applied it to this tshirt. She did a great job I think! I made the cord pants to match.

This one I love the color of and a friend of mine made the hairbow with the extra ribbon. Thanks Kirsten!

So sweet and simple for the holidays! Enjoy! Promises to post soon!


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The Beatty's said...

OK, you HAVE to teach me how to do all this! I want Jillian to look that cute someday! :)