Friday, February 12, 2010

Lots to Celebrate!

Well, today we had lots of fun, as it was Jesse's Class Valentine Party and a Chinese New Year Celebration with Lily Grace at her home!

Claire got to help Jesse open all his Valentines at the end of the party and had a ball doing so!
Jesse and his friend Arvind at the party.....Jesse never takes his jacket off during the day...???

Well, Claire and Lily had a wonderful time this morning making paper lanterns for one of their Chinese New Year they are showing off the finished products! Notice ther girls' Chinese New Year dresses!

Here they are posing with their Dragons they made in honor of Chinese New Year also! Thanks to Mrs. Barb for providing the crafts and the creativity! The girls also had congee (homemade by Mrs. Barb) and moon cakes to bring in Chinese New Year. There was also a little tea party on an Authentic Tea Set from China! I'm proud to report that no China was damaged!!!

The girls posing before the party! Claire had so much fun that she actually threw a fit when it was time to leave.......She forgot all about her fit when we arrived at the Valentine's Party though...... Well, a great day was had by all and thanks to Lily Grace and Mrs. Barb for helping make it so special for Claire!


The Beatty's said...

The girls look beautiful! Happy New Year, Claire!

Carrie said...

LOVE, LOVE, the Chinese New Year pics!!! So glad that you have Lily Grace to celebrate with! We love y'all!!!