Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Easter!!

Well, it was a wonderful and event filled weekend and the kids enjoyed it every step of the way!

Jesse and Claire with their cousins Dylan, Patrick, and Keri!
Striking an Easter pose.....

Claire on the go......she would not stop during the Easter Egg Hunt for a picture.....good thing because she found a ton of of them being the Money Egg! Claire is now $45.00 richer!

Claire showing off what the Easter Bunny brought her!

Jesse proud of his new loot as well!

Fun with the cousins during the egg dying on Saturday evening....

Jesse and Dylan.....poor Dylan, we forced him to sit with the little kids and dye eggs.....I think he had more fun than he led on!

Claire at another Easter Egg hunt....this time at the Hollingsworth Family Reunion on Saturday. Oddly enough, Claire found the money egg at this hunt also!!! 10 more dollars for Claire!

Sweet Jesse at Mammaw Callahan's Surprise 90th Birthday Party!

Claire had an enterouge of girl cousins tending to her every need at the reunion. She was flanked by them here on the train.....

All Aboard!
We hope that everyone had a great Easter and are as thankful as we are for the reason for this wonderful day!! Promises to post again soon!

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