Saturday, April 09, 2011

Hard to believe....our Jesse turned 10!

Well, Jesse has turned ten...where has the time gone? Well, Jesse has had a great Birthday surrounded by family and friends! Jesse blowing out his candles as cousin Gracie peeks in!
Opening gifts from Nana & Paw Paw as everyone looks on.
Jesse's Birthday Party cupcakes Claire and I made for him.
Jesse has become quite the photographer, and on his Birthday, he spotted this skink outside. He he loves snapping pictures when our skinks are out. This was taken on a sunny afternoon.....
Well, Jesse had his #10 at the Fed Ex Park where the U of M Tigers play baseball. All the kids at the party got to run on the field with the team at their positions and stand with them for the National Anthem. Jesse got to throw out the 1st pitch! Great times!
The entire Birthday Party Group got the outfield deck and we not only had a great view, but had the entire thing to ourselves!

Lots of games were played during the party, with the favorite being water balloon baseball. The kids got soaked, and had a blast doing it!
Cousin Peytin in action getting ready to bust up a water balloon!!
Jesse enjoying each and every card his friends and family gave him. We are truly blessed with such wonderful friends and family around us!

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