Friday, November 25, 2011

The Guest Room Redo

 Well, our little guest room, which used to be Claire's baby nursery, has a fresh coat of paint, some new wall art, and fresh linens.  Ready for guests!!  My sweet husband panicked when he saw how much the artwork was that I had my eye on from Ballard he copied it best he could!  And I love it! Just waiting for him to sign it...

The cornice was covered with some wallpaper that caught my eye from Seabrook, and I added a bit more to a lonesome frame across the room.  I then went on Etsy and had Single Stone Studios do the Hollingsworth decal for me.  I'm so pleased, because I've always been skeptical of vinyl "wall art." Well, hope the room makes our guests linger for a day or so longer!  Enjoy! 
Love, Gretchen

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