Monday, March 05, 2012

Happy 5th Adoption Day!!!

First, I would like to apologize for the long delay in posting!!!  We have been busy getting ready for our big Disney Trip beginning on Sunday, and a ton of other things going on!  Life has been fine, just busy with school and basketball, and just life in general!  But today was a big one in The Hollingsworth is Claire's 5th Adoption Day!  It is truly hard to believe that we've been blessed with little Claire for 5 years today....I still remember the details of that day as it were yesterday.

I often think of all the families we traveled with on that day as well, and hope they are as happy as we are today.  We always give Claire the freedom to choose what she wants to do on Adoption day and every year it is a little different.  This year, she simply asked for breakfast for dinner in Lance's media room while watching "Inspector Gadget".  Easy enough!  So that's how we are spending the evening together.  She loves breakfast, she loves being able to turn down the lights, and watch a movie on that ginormous that's just what we did! 

Feel free to look under archives and under March 2007 and see the original pictures of when we first adopted Claire....Oh how she's grown.  Jesse also is celebrating today because this is the day he became a brother as well....special all the way around.

Well, enjoy the pics and lots more to come...from sunny Florida!!

Love, Gretchen

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