Thursday, September 12, 2013

In Full Swing.....

 Well, the school year has gotten off to a bang this year and every day we are in motion.  Between Claire in soccer and Jesse in golf.....we are a family on the go!  Jesse's golf game has grown leaps and bounds and is improving with every match.  Jesse played Stonebridge yesterday vs St. Dominic.  While SFA lost, Jesse seems to be enjoying the competition and actually seems to care when he deosn't do great.  That's a good sign...  Claire and PawPaw ride the cart, while Lance and I walk the holes....actually I often hitch a ride with PawPaw too!  Claire's learned to just do that homework in the cart and that's one less thing to do when we get home...which is often 7ish oclock!    
 Such a pretty golf bag isn't it??

It's actually great to see all the boys out there cheering each other on, no matter what team they are playing for.  Very good manner and sportsmanship...great thing to see.  Well, he has lots of matches coming up soon...promise to post again soon!

love, Gretchen

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