Saturday, October 19, 2013

So Long Fall Sports!

 Well, the kids have wrapped up their sports for now, and I am so happy! Of course we love watching them grow and do well in their activities, mom and dad are glad for the break!  Actually, Jesse will resume golf and do a bit of Fall Golf, it will just be on a weekend basis.  Yay for that!!! Claire had an absolute blast at soccer and turned out to be a great little defender...
 Jesse is just changing before our eyes.  Every time I see a new picture of him, I'm not sure where my little Jesse has gone.  He is just 12, but 5'4 1/2 and really growing to love the sport of golf.   Jesse played in the end of the season Fall Tourney at Mirimichi and was not happy at all with his score, but practices almost every day to improve.  This is a side of Jesse we are not used to....but we love it! Jesse's team as a whole did great and had a great season!
 Just a beautiful course to see on cool fall day!

 Jesse with his team and coach after the tourney.
Jesse and his friend MJ at Tiger Midnight Madness...had a blast!!

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