Friday, July 24, 2015

"Big Girl" Room......

 Claire has been asking for a different room for some time....she has been crazy over blue for years, but have managed to hold her off until now. She wanted blue walls as well, but was able to talk her into the neutral walls and lots of blue everywhere else...
 I'm proud of Claire because a large portion of this room was her idea....we just did all the work of course!!  We used a little extra trim paint and let her do her handprint at entry to her room.
 There are lanterns everywhere....that girl and her lanterns....must be in her blood!
 We took the mirror out of an old framed mirror, painted the frame white, and had some galvanized metal cut and made her a magnetic board....she glued blue tacky flowers to the magnets....her idea of course!

 Grandpa refinished Great-Grandpa Crawford's nightstand and made it Claire-ready!
 A simple vinyl decal ordered from Etsy
 The little blue birdhouse thing is now her new "nightlight" and projects the pretty shapes all over her ceiling at night.
 Loving it all!
 Oh the lanterns.......

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