Sunday, June 26, 2016

2016 Beach Fun!!

 Well, we started out our annual vacation with our pilgrimage to Montgomery, AL to visit our Alabama Family, The Hixons! As usual, they showed us the best Southern Hospitality and the girls got to catch up once again....Having trouble locating the group pic of all of us, but that's coming soon..... We had a blast for the night we were there, and are so very grateful for their friendship!

 The beach was beautiful the entire week we were there...while Claire and I spent most of our time on the beach, the boys were more adventurous......Jesse after an afternoon playing golf with Lance.
 The entire crew this year.  This year we were able to have Lance's side join us as well! More kids to play with!
 Crawfords and Hollingsworths

 We were down on the beach during Summer Solstice, and was able to record the rare "strawberry moon".  It was lovely!
 The 2016 Annual Beach Chair Picture!

 My how he's growing......
 This girl will pick up anything!
 Lance got the luxury of spending his Father's Day on the Beach this year....opening a host of cards and gifts from the kids (with a little help from mom)
 Claire, Gracie, and George balcony pose
 Loving the water with her cousins

 Life is hard......

 Waiting for the Strawberry Moon
 Jesse & Lance spotted this deer right off the green playing golf......that's a first for them!

We are so very blessed to be able to take vacations such as these year after year.....thank you Lance for being a wonderful provider and father! We love you!

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