Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Quick Chicago Girls' Trip!

 Well, my friend Leigh Ann, who I met when we traveled to China together to adopt our girls, went to Chicago for 3 days on a much needed mom-cation!  Leigh Ann was actually there for a nursing conference, so I took advantage of her invite and free fancy hotel room!  We had a wonderful time!!
 We were staying right down from the Trump Towers...ironically enough!
 Yes, the city lived up to its name!

 A much needed cocktail after a day of walking and exploring!

 A beautiful view from our boat on the Chicago River Architectural Cruise...

 My view at lunch on the terrace at the Shedd Aquarium....and yes I went there by myself and didn't know what to do with myself without any children to boss around!!!

 Rubbing it in for Jesse and Lance in from of their favorite brands.....
 I fell in love with this store in Paris and was so glad to see one again!!!
Love it!!!  Well...lots coming up soon, as Jesse begins his Sophomore Year on the Varsity golf team next week at SBA, and Claire begins cheer at SFA!! Lots to be grateful for!

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