Saturday, April 22, 2017

An absolute whirlwind of a week!!!!!

 Well, we've been slammed with Spring Fun around here and loving every minute.  Claire went on her first overnight field trip with the 5th grade to Victory Ranch and boy it did not disappoint. Above is a few of the kids who apparently spent an hour playing on this big drain thing.  Out of all the equipment, etc to play with , they decided to stop for a quick pic on this!  I was asked to attend as the nurse (not the mom) on this trip and just loved it!  Enjoy the video...I stepped out f my comfort zone for that one!

 Claire loving the bunk beds!
 The evening before Victory Ranch we went to see The Sound Of Music Musical at The Orpheum and of course we sang along throughout the entire thing!!!! Thanks Uncle Tommy for the tickets!

 And of course last week we were in Jackson, MS for the Annual reunions and activities!
 Ready to hunt some eggs!!
A very tired Jesse and Claire waking up this year at Aunt Sandy & Uncle Mike's House on Easter Sunday! Thanks Aunt Sandy & Uncle Mike for your hospitality!!!

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