Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another School Year Gone.....Fun in May!

 Well, it's hard to believe we're in the thick of May and I have yet another child in baseball...who would have thought it was Claire!! Well, I should have seen this coming, especially since she's been coming to Jesse's games since she was part of our family!

Claire is playing her 1st year of coach pitch/TeeBall, but each child gets a chance to hit from the coach before being given the tee.  We are all surprised, but Claire is really taking to it!  She hasn't really needed the tee much and hits that ball!  She become a mean infielder and can catch those balls.  Who would've thought little dainty Claire at Baseball??? Well, as long as she's loving are we!!

 Last week also brought Claire's end of the year program at school, which was themed "Songs of teh Night".  All the kids wore their PJ's.  So cute!! Can't believe we have a 1st grader!!
Now to Jesse......we REALLY can't believe we're about to have a middle schooler on our hands!!  This is a picture of Jesse at Claire's game on Friday....he just lost a tooth at her game and has 3 more loose ones.  He has lost 2 in the past week!  That boy is really growing and changing.  He now is in a size 8 shoe and is much taller than at Christmas....he's going in for his 11 year old checkup soon, so can't wait to see about his progress....

Well, we have a lot going on this summer, so will post again soon!!

Love, Gretchen

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