Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Happy #6 Claire!!!

 Well, May has gotten started with a bang around here.  The kids talked me into planting our 1st garden this year....we'll see how that goes!  I just hope we get a veggie or two...actually I had a lot of guidance from my brother and dad, so I should get something our of this garden I hope!!
 Miss Claire turned the big 6 today and she wanted me to bring in doughnuts to school (I'm sure the parents just loved that...) and wanted me to eat with her...well she got a special treat, and Nana and Jesse showed up! It was a great lunch and she didn't do much eating on account of all the chit chat!!

 Claire wanted dinner (or should I say breakfast) at IHOP, so we all are there and then had everyone back at the house for presents and cake!  Claire had a great time, complete with her cousins, strawberry cake, and a new big bike!  Hard to believe our Claire is 6 years time flies and how blessed we all are to have her in our lives.....

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