Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Break has arrived.....finally!!!!

 Well, this year Lance and Jesse came up with our Annual Christmas Card idea, and my idea was outvoted....but I'm ok because this one is super creative!!  As anyone who knows us is aware, we both graduated from the UofM and are big fans.  So Lance decided to go with the football theme, especially since they are on a roll and also going to a bowl game with year!!  So, there ya go.  Enjoy!!
Well, the 3rd Grade Christmas Party was a success.....unfortunately, I was running the party, and did not have a moment for a single picture!  The kids made an adorable reindeer ornament, played a fun Christmas game, had wonderful food, and ended the party with The Nativity Story....all fantastic time was had by all!  Jesse, being an 8th grader and all, has no party,only exams...(yuck) and therefore I have no pics of him....lots to come soon though!! 

I pray that everyone stays health (us too!!) during this wonderful holiday season.  It seems we've all been under the weather lately, and hope this passes so that we can enjoy these next few weeks!! Lots to post coming up, so I promise to post again soon!!

Love, Gretchen

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