Friday, December 26, 2014

Wonderful Christmas

 Well, Christmas Day was wonderful, and we were all germ free and feeling great!! Believe it or nor, Jesse was the first one up and even had to wake up a very tired Claire!!
 Jesse awoke to some golf goodies, and a robotic arm to assemble and program...yes, a 3D printer was on his list and even Santa couldn't deliver on that one!
 His first men's full size driver.  Very excited!!!
 Of course, Claire is the queen of playing pretend so she was thrilled to have a school set...we were all given report cards at the end of the day....I did not receive straight A's I must admit......
 A very tired Claire enjoying her new bean bag chair!
 Yes, the boy is now wearing a men's size Medium!
 Daddy checking out his stocking...complete with new Uof M hat!
The kids made Christmas cards for each other, and Jesse enjoying showing his off!

Well, the day was a good one, with both of our parents and siblings coming over for a wonderful Christmas Lunch....trivia , fun, and lots of food was had by all!!! We are truly blessed!!!

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